Good Vs Great….Where do you fall in?

The Good vs Great Mindset frustrates many.
What it is, most of you guys can relate to this, we have something called minimum standards in the fire service and most people meet minimum standards. They’re a one-year firefighter their whole career, that’s their choice. There’s others that want to master the craft and keep going on and challenging themselves and learning more. I want to call them the great. You have the good, which is minimum, you might not agree with me on that’s good, but let’s just call it that. Good to great. The good don’t understand the great, and the great don’t understand the good. How many times did you sit there and be like, why doesn’t this guy want to learn more about this job, he can make it easier. Meanwhile, that guy’s going, why are you doing so much, you can just get by with minimal amount of work.
That’s the big struggle we have in the fire service, the good don’t understand the great and the great don’t understand the good. Let’s understand that the department sets the standards, the members meet it or they don’t. You can try and make people better but don’t get frustrated because they don’t want to be where you’re at. On the flip side the good shouldn’t get frustrated because there’s guys out there trying to be better. That’s a challenge we all have. Understanding human behavior and human culture, helps you deal with it.  When I do something and I’ve got someone  making negative comments because I train every day or I take my guys to our training field on our assigned day. That’s their perspective of the situation. By us going out there we make life easier for ourselves later.
But that kind of also deals with mindset and helping you guys understand when you’re going against these people they’re going to talk about you. If you do anything, people are going to talk about you. I would suggest give them something to talk about, no matter what you do. If you don’t want people to talk about you, don’t do anything. That’s probably the only way. Otherwise, get over it, it’s their perspective, their opinion, doesn’t mean it reflects anything on you.
Its your choice to be good enough or to strive to be great.