Want to have your crew buy into what you are doing, but not sure how to get there?

Most people are always trying to influence other people to their way of thinking. We think that what we are doing is best so things would be better if others did what we do.
Well, here’s some stuff that might help with that. We model other people’s behavior that we’re around a lot. That’s why they say that you’re the sum average of the handful of people that you associate yourself with.
This is interesting because my children are young, and my daughter is a mini version of my wife. She learns by watching and mimics because that’s how she thinks to act.
This is like what we see at work. Think about it. Throughout your career, you’ve been a little bit different. Most crews model the behavior of their boss that they have.
They also model the behavior of those that are most influential in the group. An example would be the senior man or the defacto leader within the group.
We’ll model other people that we want to be like. ,
So if you want to have people buy into what you’re doing then you’ve got to be modeling that behavior first.
It’s a lot easier when you influence with your behavior. Instead of just telling people what to do, and complaining when they don’t meet it.
They might need help. Maybe they weren’t shown right, whatever it is. Get out there, sweat with them, help them with it.
In the end, we judge ourselves by our intentions. Other people judge us by our actions.
So lead with your actions, and display the behavior you want to see in other people.
Hope you got something out of this. If you did, do me a favor, share it with somebody else.