Take care of them so they take care of you

The Team.
To me Team means Together Everyone Achieves More.
Its about the people you are side by side with.
I have strengths but I also have plenty of weaknesses. I lose my temper more than I want. I get frustrated more than I want. I skip more workouts than I want. I do not eat as healthy as I could.
But guess what?
I lose my temper a-lot less than I used to.
I get frustrated less than I used to.
I skip less workouts than I used to.
I also eat healthier than I used to.
The point is that we can never be perfect. We can strive to be better than we were the day before though.
We need to remember this when dealing with others also.
Point: Everyone has bad days. Be there for the team to help them so they can help you.
I mentioned earlier how with a team we can all achieve more by working together. When one struggles in a group, the group pitches in for them.
This is important because there will come a day when someone else in the group needs a helping hand. The person who was helped will be there for them also.
We have all had some type of help to get where we are today.
Spend more time helping those in your group to achieve more.
We can only go so far alone.
Story: Bad Mood Thursday
Last week I was having an off day. I had a plan of attack for the day and the day went sideways quick.
We had a last minute public relations event scheduled for us while we were off. It was our “truck” day. We had a variety of station repairs needing to be address. We needed our bunker gear sent out for testing. Oh, our engine was leaking water from the pump.
We had to prioritize and come up with a different plan.
I was a little overwhelmed already by the time we got to the public relations event.
Since its 90 degrees in the shade right now, we found a nice spot to setup. We were all set to do the fire extinguisher demo when a person from the business wanted us to relocate all of the equipment we had already setup.
He pointed to an empty field where there was no shade.
I explained that we setup in this spot for a reason and he interrupted me and stated that where it is usually done.
My response was “ok”.
My guys knew I was not happy with this interaction.
At the end of the day we were there to provide a service and that individual was sorta my boss.
A few minutes later my newest guy was talking to me and snapped me quickly out of the mood I was in.
I realized there was no point to being upset and we would get done what we could get done. People will be rude to us but we do not have to let it bother us.
This story illustrates how every member of your crew can help. The newer guy helped out the officer this time.
Together Everyone Achieves More