Share Everything You Know

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Show Notes:

Wrapped up day one of our officer Development School for my department.
you never know what people want to learn, so you need to start sharing more.
I ended up teaching fire behavior and reading smoke. The guys had a lot of good questions and were eager to learn.
Another instructor went over coaching, counseling and managing your stress better. and that created a lot of good topics of discussion and um, we actually had
Our deputy chief discussed how everyone wants change but nobody wants to change in his class.
one big thing I got from it was we need to be sharing more.
something as simple as putting on a little class in your station.
I saved my fire behavior class that I did and I’m going to give it to the rest of my crew that wasn’t able to attend.
So share what you know, because you never know what someone doesn’t know.
they could get something out of it and we can grow together.
the purpose of a team is helping each other out, using each person’s strengths to make the team stronger.
hope you guys have a good one and go ahead and share this with somebody else if you like. I will talk to you soon.