oops…..my bad


So we had a family boat day this week.

I’ve got a 16′ pontoon with a 25 hp yamaha on it. Its a great boat for the canal…..but I learned a valuable lesson.

What i thought would be a 45 minute ride to an island to hang out on, ended up taking 2 hours.

So I severly underestimated the time.

I also realized that if I’m going to take more trips out in the gulf, its time to upgrade.

Guess what though?

I never would have learned any of this unless I went out and did it.

Too often we can sit around the firehouse kitchen table debating anything to death.

The only way to truly learn is to get out there and take action.

My go to saying is “show me”.

So get out there and take some action.

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John Lovato, Jr
Brotherhood Coaching