Caring Too Much

I just finished recording a podcast episode and I talked about something that I’ve been hesitant on sharing.

Since I had a great conversation with a close friend earlier today and we talked about it, i figured it may help you on your journey also.

So here it is:

“You have to care, just not too much”


Well you need to care about anything that you want to be good at otherwise you won’t put the work in thats needed.

So why not too much….if you care too much then you will take everything that happens way too personally. If a project or idea fails you will think its an attack on you, when its not. If an expectation is not met, you will think its insubordination when its most likely a communication issue.

Some of the most frustrated and disgruntled people we know on the job were ones who cared too much.

Protect yourself by caring, just not too much.

Unfortunately our leaders will let us down, they are human too.

Balls will be dropped.

Good ideas will be ignored.

But life will go on.

If it won’t matter 5 years from now, why lost sleep over it now?

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John Lovato, Jr
Brotherhood Coaching