My #1 Lesson This Week

First things first….

Did you check out this week’s podcasts?

Here are two lessons from them:

We hate having to remind people but how often do we need reminding?

You have to care, just not too much.

Check them out HERE:

I try to only share things that will help everyone along their journey.

One of the best parts about sharing our triumphs and struggles is when we find out other’s are dealing with the same stuff.

We are not alone.

So I would like to know….

What is ONE thing that you learned this week that made you better?

I learned the importance of feedback.

Most of us think we are doing fine unless we hear otherwise.

So that means if there is an issue, then we cannot assume others are aware.

It also reveals the importance of providing quick positive feedback when we see something we like.

Have a great weekend!