John Lovato

Foundations of Overcoming The “NO”

In this episode, I discuss overcoming resistance by the decision makers to implement change that you want. you want to Sell Facts tell, stories sell, Effort how hard did you try? Do More A confused mind will always say no Be Clear Keep it simple Don’t give up For more tips on creating a culture…

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Take care of them so they take care of you

The Team.   To me Team means Together Everyone Achieves More.   Its about the people you are side by side with.   I have strengths but I also have plenty of weaknesses. I lose my temper more than I want. I get frustrated more than I want. I skip more workouts than I want….

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Want to have your crew buy into what you are doing, but not sure how to get there?

Most people are always trying to influence other people to their way of thinking. We think that what we are doing is best so things would be better if others did what we do.   Well, here’s some stuff that might help with that. We model other people’s behavior that we’re around a lot. That’s…

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