The Power of Follow Through

Lesson of the Day:

Are you going to be the influencer or are you going to be influenced by others?

Key Points:

1.) Keep It Simple

2.) Whining is Complaint Without Solution

3.) Can’t Make Everyone Happy 

Accepting Differences By Focusing On Strengths

Lesson of the Day:

Stop wanting duplicates of yourself! High performing teams need diverse skills.

Key Points:

1.) 1st Due Drill 

2.) Chasing Experience

3.) The Make-Up Of A Good Team


How Do You Measure Success?

Lesson of the Day:

Success is not money, fame, or rank. Success is measured by those around us. 

Key Points:

1.) Masking Up With Gloves On 

2.) Test Yourself For Improvement

3.) A Conversation About Success

Adapt To Win

Lesson of the Day:

Change is constant. Look at our gear, our SCBA’s, and training. The better we adapt, the better we will become. 

Key Points:

1.) I Won’t Move

2.) Proficiency Drills With Cheif

3.) Run! It’s a Quint

Lovato Leadership

Lesson of the Day:

In the game “Follow the Leader”, we follow the actions not the words of the person in front of us. So look at actions not words.

Key Points:

1.) Last Day Of Hydrants

2.) “When You’re Not Here”

3.) Lovato Leadership Class Idea



Adversity Is Opportunity

Lesson of the Day:

We can only handle so much. It’s like a fight. How many people can you fend off? Same is true with projects. How many projects can you handle?

Key Points:

1.) 3 Projects At A Time

2.) Buyer For The Boat

3.) Physical Work Is The Best Work


Bullies of the Fire Service

Lesson of the Day:

“It’s not what you preach. It’s what you tolerate.” -Jocko

Key Points:

1.) My Story Growing Up

2.) Adult Experiences: Backing Down

3.) The Movie: “The Principal”- ‘no more’

First Things First

Lesson of the Day:

We get done what we prioritize. Everything else is an excuse.

Key Points:

1.) Operationally Ready and Rig Checks

2.) Ladders

Is It You Or Is It Me?

Lesson of the Day:

“It triggers us because it reminds us.”

Key Points:

1.) Being different makes you a target

2.) Your triggers are a reminder of what you need to address

3.) Swim lessons with the kids

Pass The Buck

Lesson of the Day:

Use the style of leadership needed to get the job done. Some can work autonomously, while others need direct supervision. 

Key Points:

1.) The Best Public Relations

2.) Outwork the Probie

3.) Turn Negative Things Into Positive Experiences