Knowing Is Not Doing

Lesson of the Day:

“Avoid fights if you can, cause there is always a friend.” – BJJ Class

Key Points:

1.) Captain Cooks

2.) Crew Lead Training

3.) The Unexpected Twists

Family First

Lesson of the Day:

Simple. Cherish those close to you. Life can change in an instant. 

Key Points:

1.) Micromanage the process, not the people

2.) Firefighter Down Drill

3.) Everything that goes wrong in my firehouse is my fault.

Where’s The Fire?

Lesson of the Day:

When issues arise, the leader must look at themselves first to see what caused the issue. 

Key Points:

1.) Daily Training: Drags

2.) OODA Loop

3.) Hidden Fire

Direct Attack

Lesson of the Day:

Understanding situational leadership. There are times where you can delegate and there will be times where direct supervision is needed. Do not be afraid to adjust your settings. 

Key Points:

1.) Always Learn From a PIA

2.) Working on Being Direct

3.) My Thought on Succession Training

Be Where Your Feet Are

Lesson of the Day:

We live in a world where we always want more. When is enough…enough? Ask yourself, “What do I want to spend my time doing?”

Key Points:

1.) Probie Test

2.) A Sneaky Ego

3.) Make Training Personal

Stressed Out Over A Radio

Lesson of the Day:

The more prepared we are the less stress we will have to experience.

Key Points:

1.) Truckie Saturday

2.) Got My Cage Rattled

3.) Rolling Too Rough

Thank You Lt. Hamilton

Lesson of the Day:

Reruns, Repeats, and Redos – Senior Captain

Most challenges we face have been dealt with before by others, learn from them or risk learning the hard way.

Key Points:

1.) Takeaways From 20,000 Alarms

2.) 7/8 Day Videos at Dinner

3.) Go With The Gut… A Sleepless Night and A Curveball At Home 


Being Present

Lesson of the Day:

We follow actions more than we follow words. When in doubt, show people how the work should be done. 

Key Points:

1.) Show Me, Don’t Tell Me

2.) No Pressure In The Present

3.) Purpose Drives Performance

Healthy Competition

Lesson of the Day:

People will meet your standards whether they are low or high, you just have to help them. 

Key Points:

1.) Multi-company Drills Spread Best Practices

2.) Raising The Bar

3.) What I Am Learning From A 40-Year-Old Book


Stop Measuring With Time On

Lesson of the Day:

Experience comes from sets and reps, not time.

Key Points:

1.) Stretching in Our First Due Area

2.) Setting Up Barriers

3.) How Being Too Emotional Will Wreck You