We Crave Purpose and Accomplishments

Lesson of the Day:

Give purpose by presenting challenges that lead to satisfying accomplishments. This is life over and over again. 

Key Points:

1.) Don’t Wait To Be Told

2.) Take The Initiative To Reach Your Goal

3.) Saturday Training

4.) Ultimate Training Plan

Consistency Is Key

Lesson of the Day:

Consistency is key. We like to know what to expect and start looking forward to it. Stay consistent to get lasting change. 

**Daily agendas and cooking.**

Key Points:

1.) Probies Here

2.) Crew Lead Training

3.) Thanks For The Effort


I Cook, You Instruct

Lesson of the Day:

Taking care of your people also means challenging them so they grow.

Key Points:

1.) Operations Advisory Board

2.) Sunday’s New Routine

3.) Wanting To Train


Lesson of the Day:

Appreciation goes a long way!

Key Points:

1.) Safety Standdown = Best Practices 

2.) Compliment With No Punchline

3.) Incoming Probie


Caring Too Much

Lesson of the Day:

You have to care, just not too much.

Key Points:

1.) Hurry For A Cancelled CPR Class

2.) Two-Story Pull

3.) Detailed Kitchen

First Day Back

Lesson of the Day:

We hate having to remind people but how often do we need reminding?

It’s like there is only so much room in our heads and this reveals our priorities. 

Key Points:

1.) No Rescue – No Problem

2.) So Many Moving Parts

3.) Who Made The “List”?

Conversations Cure Conflict

Lesson of the Day:

We assume too much. This creates unnecessary conflict. Clear conversations can clear conflict. 

Key Points:

1.) I thought I’d be Zen-Like.

2.) Fewer Frustrations

3.) Less Time Being Frustrated 

All The Stuff

Lesson of the Day:

When the recipe is good, the meal will be good. You can have the best ingredients (things), but if we don’t cook (train) them correctly the meal will be no good. 

Key Points:

1.) Captain Cook Not So Good

2.) The Big Shake-Up

3.) Stand By

Control VS Influence

Lesson of the Day:

Memos and SOP’s do not change the culture of a department. Influence, building relationships and training does. 


Key Points:

1.) Pull over, I am going to puke!

2.) Highrise Ops

3.) Firehouse Visit

My Way VS Our Way

Lesson of the Day:

Focus on the win/win.  We get too focused on “my way” instead of “our way”.

Key Points:

1.) We Got a Bench

2.) Fog vs. Smoothbore

3.) I’m sorry you have to deal with this.