Double PR

Lesson of the Day:

How we react to what happens to us is EVERYTHING. Work on being more resilient as opposed to wanting things easy. 


Key Points:

1.) Last Minute Notice for PR

2.) More Responsibility = More Ownership


Ride Along

Lesson of the Day:

The words you use matter. “Don’t bother showing up if you’re not going to wear your gear.”

Key Points:

1.) Academy Student Ridealong

2.) Saw Time

3.) Prank 911 Call 


Can’t Wait To Get Home

Lesson of the Day:

Our values shape our priorities. 

Key Points:

1.) Late Dinner Lessons

2.) Inconveniences VS Problems

3.) Leaving The Academy Early



Lesson of the Day:

The results I want show up when I overcome my excuses.

Key Points:

1.) Hunting For An Adventure

2.) Learning New Things and What It Does

3.) Adapting To The World


Kelly Week

Lesson of the Day:

Never allow yourself to be too busy for the basics of a healthy life. 

Key Points:

1.) Just ASK

2.) Staying Calm

3.) A Story My Mom Shared


Adversity Is Opportunity

Lesson of the Day:

We can only handle so much. It’s like a fight. How many people can you fend off? Same is true with projects. How many projects can you handle?

Key Points:

1.) 3 Projects At A Time

2.) Buyer For The Boat

3.) Physical Work Is The Best Work


Pass The Buck

Lesson of the Day:

Use the style of leadership needed to get the job done. Some can work autonomously, while others need direct supervision. 

Key Points:

1.) The Best Public Relations

2.) Outwork the Probie

3.) Turn Negative Things Into Positive Experiences