Reading Smoke

Lesson of the Day:

Action Shows Commitment

Key Points:

1.) Reading Smoke Training

2.) 1st Due Drill Lesson


Accepting Differences By Focusing On Strengths

Lesson of the Day:

Stop wanting duplicates of yourself! High performing teams need diverse skills.

Key Points:

1.) 1st Due Drill 

2.) Chasing Experience

3.) The Make-Up Of A Good Team


First Things First

Lesson of the Day:

We get done what we prioritize. Everything else is an excuse.

Key Points:

1.) Operationally Ready and Rig Checks

2.) Ladders

Let The Drill Evolve


Lesson of the Day:
To see where people are at, give them a test. I like to assign training or other station tasks to see where people are at in their work ethic. No repercussions, just a feedback system. 

Not done? Then it was not a priority. Everyone is different, some need little to no reminders and some need more supervision. 

Key Points:
1.) You Pick Training
2.) Photo Fight
3.) Elevators