Ride Along

Lesson of the Day:

The words you use matter. “Don’t bother showing up if you’re not going to wear your gear.”

Key Points:

1.) Academy Student Ridealong

2.) Saw Time

3.) Prank 911 Call 


Next Mission

Lesson of the Day:

Purposeful work is what we crave and will lead us to happiness.

Key Points:

1.) TV Show: Shooter

2.) Wild At Heart Book

3.) What’s Your Mission?

Fishing for Complaints

Lesson of the Day:

Our perspective is EVERYTHING. It determines how we react emotionally to what happens to us. Be cautious to those you surround yourself with and what information you consume. 


Key Points:

1.) Lesson from VES Drill

2.) Slow House Woes

3.) An Influential Culture

What I Learned About Myself

Lesson of the Day:

I will not expect others to be like me. I will focus on helping them a better version of themselves.

Key Points:

1.) I Train For Me

2.) Say What Needs To Be Said

3.) Let Me Be Me